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Eco Friendly Carpet cleaning for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire areas

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Eco Friendly cleaning, We have over the last few years replaced our traditional chemical based cleaning solutions with safer Eco friendly cleaning products; we feel this is an important step towards a healthier future for everyone. We have replaced our main cleaning products for cleaning agents that are free from potentially harmful chemicals, with no shampoos, detergents, enzymes, bleaching agents, optical brighteners or petroleum solvents and we are still sourcing new products as an on going process..

Using Eco friendly cleaning solutions means that no residues or harmful chemicals are left on your carpets and upholstery that can cause premature re-soiling. Because there are no harmful chemicals used, our cleaning is suitable for chemical sensitive people and allergy sufferers.

We have extensively tested these cleaning products and have found them to out perform traditional chemical based products in all aspects. Combined with our fast dry deep cleaning you not only get the best most effective cleaning available you also help to keep the environment free from harmful chemicals.

Our cleaning services are available for Homes and business throughout Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.


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Natural colloidal cleaning solutions

Derived from natural sustainable sources, work by breaking down stains and soiling at a molecular level, holding the dirt particles in a water based suspension, the soiling is then flushed away with high power cleaning equipment leaving carpets and upholstery fresh and clean with out leaving harsh chemical residues.


Contains no phosphates.
Contains no known pollutants.
Non-toxic, as proven by independent toxicology tests.

Naturally occurring bacteria use colloidal dispersion to biodegrade.
A biodegradable degreaser.

Leaves no residues

Derived from sustainable plant based sources

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Safe for people and pets

Safe for all environments


Micro splitters

Micro splitting cleaning agents are derived from food grade materials, These cleaning products work by splitting the dirt particles into smaller and smaller particles, the dirt is then held in a water based solution which is then flushed away by our high powered extraction equipment.

Contains no toxins

No enzymes

No pollutants

Fully biodegradable

Wool safe approved

Leaves no residues

Safe for pets

Safe for homes


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We clean deep down not just the surface

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carpets , upholstery fabrics , curtains , rugs , hard floors

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