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Upholstery cleaning using the Fast dry deep cleaning process.

For most of our upholstery cleaning we now use fast dry deep cleaning system,

This method of cleaning cleans deeper than other systems, removes more dirt and stains,

leaves fabrics dryer and fresher.

Our cleaning is safe for you your home and family.

Because we use natural cleaning products no chemical residues are left on the fabrics.

We also clean water sensitive fine fabrics and leather upholstery.

Nottingham and Derby upholstery cleaning


By S.P.carpet and upholstery care


         Cleans deeper

         Faster drying

         Biodegradable Eco friendly cleaning products

         No harmfull chemical residues

         We clean all of your upholstery (not just the face fabric)

         We clean all fabrics

         Guaranteed service

         A Professional service

 We clean: Cotton, Synthetics, Chenille, tapestries, Draylon, Flock, Faux Suede, Leather and more


Curtain cleaning

We can clean your curtains as they hang at the window, no need to take down and re hang with our cleaning systems.

Removes dust particles and embeded carbon deposits leaving your curtains clean bright and smelling fresh once again.


curtain cleaning at the window

Fresh clean curtains in your home

cleaned hanging at the window

making life easy for you!

Call carpet cleaning Derby for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs

our services include

carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, rug cleaning, carpet repairs, hard floor cleaning and more

Derbyshires and Nottinghamshires best carpet and upholstery cleaning service

Domestic and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services

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